August 2008
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Things I did this month:
I went to California

Random Conversations:

Mommy: Look at that dirt on the floor.
Ari: That was Tommy.
Mommy: I think I did that.
Ari: No... you're the good one.

*    *    *

Ari (on his dead bug in a tupperware container): I better get a lid for it.
Mommy: But it's dead.
Ari: No.
Mommy: No?  Is it sleeping?
Ari: Well... no... it's just fat so it can't move so fast.

*    *    *

Ari (on eating mussels): At first I'm kind of scared of it.






Raw oysters and bananas flambe... Awesome!!!!


Monterey Bay Aquarium with Chris Zephro, Lauren, and Sidney




7 Mile Drive with T's Aunt Phyllis and Reverend Cooksey




And after I fell in the ocean and almost froze half to death!
Good thing Mommy let me wear her sweatshirt!


Santa Cruz Fisherman's Wharf

Raw oysters and clam chowder in a sourdough bowl... Yum!



Santa Cruz Beach





Chinese Acrobats on the beach


Santa Cruz Boardwalk

SO excited!




University of California, Santa Cruz

Behind Oakes College

Mommy's old dorm/apartment

Mommy's college room
Then... and now!


San Francisco with Susan, Ed, Sebastian, and Jett Setton (Jett Setton... get it?) and Vic Rising




Mmmmm... Irish coffee


Sonoma with Chantal, Russ, Isabel, and Madeline Jaycox



Sand Dunes


Mountain Man!!




Architect building sand castles



Whew, this seaweed stuff is HEAVY!

My Mommy is going to get one of these fountains for our front yard once she saves up lots and lots and lots of money!!

Bye-bye!!  Thanks for having us!
We miss you!

Happy Birthday to Mommy!  Thank you guys... you're awesome!


And one last trip to China Town for Dim Sum (and Vietnamese to go) with Susan and Ed

And back home to see Uncle Mike, Auntie Yuh Min, and cousins Samuel and Saul
followed by Bubba and Grandpa Bob

Ice cream potato at Cowgirls

Baby cousin Saul

Oh, we played... and we fought... and we played some more...


It's hard to say good-bye

And some other stuff...

Our new stairs

Yapping on the phone

Well, it's not California... but it sure is "purty"

Has my Mommy mentioned that I am an AWESOME hockey player?

Gonna be a bat for Halloween... a mean vampire bat!

Silly me under the table

Me and Mommy at Sandia Peak
(we took the tram!)

Mommy's little white cholo!

So "purty"

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