April 2008
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Things I did this month:
I am learning to rollerblade
I visited the Michigan State Hockey ice arena and got my first hockey stick
I wrote the word "no"

Random Conversations:
Ari (commenting on the rainy day): It's all silver out.  Froggy gray rainy snowy day.

Ari: Mommy, I'm happy, but I just want to keep my face like this (no smile) because I don't want my face to always stay like this (big goofy smile).

My Spring Break trip to Michigan

Grandpop took me to see the Michigan State Hockey ice arena!

Heading to the ice
(Grandpop and Dave Carrier up ahead)

Checking out the team gear with MSU hockey athletic trainer, Dave Carrier


MSU hockey NCAA 2007 Division I championship trophy

Goofing around with my new hockey stick and with Grandpop and with Melissa

At the ABQ airport... Oomph this hockey stick is heavy

Check me out in my new rollerblades!

Whew... tired me!

Hanging out with Lucy



T and his cousin, John


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